Shop European Fashion Styles at the Click of a Button

No longer do you need to take a weekend break to Paris or Italy for the hottest European styles. 

We are My RevUK, or Rev if you have ever seen us on your local High Street. Our clothing and accessories are different because we are in love with combining uniquely beautiful pieces from European countries. Never before has it been so easily affordable to amplify your style with our brand new e-commerce website.

Here are 3 key items you need to fast track to a chic European style:

Signature heels
Let's take it back to Gossip Girl when Blair visits Paris. All we can envision are her killer heels. From daring red heels to spark real fierce vibes to stunning diamante party heels. Every girl needs the perfect pair of heels for her collection.

The casual bold printed t-shirt
Dive deep into the hustle and bustle of the markets with our collection of fun printed tees. Available in a wide variety of colours, these bold statement t-shirts represents the effortlessness and simplicity of European fashion.

The effortless black jean
What makes style in Europe so desirable is how effortless it seems to be to achieve. Black jeans are a great way for you to achieve this. Our collection of European jeans start simple and get more intricate. With diamante detailing to grungier ripped jeans, you'll find your perfect pair of denim jeans at the click of a button. 
What else do you think is a must have piece to channel your inner European chic fashion vibes? Let us know in the comments.